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Linda (Rechnagel) Anderson and Kurosh Ghobadi started Kurosh Furniture Design and Manufacturing in 1986 in a small shop in Sparks, Nevada. The company has grown some over the years, but has remained small enough so that we can enjoy what we do while producing the very highest quality products.

In the past we were strictly a custom furniture shop, but we now offer our little tables in limited quantities (from ten to 100) in a variety of sizes, colors and heights. All tables are signed and dated by Kurosh who is our exclusive designer.

The designs are achieved by piecing together different color wood species. There is no staining or dying involved. All colors are the natural colors of the woods. Some woods with a sensitivity to ultraviolet light will experience slight color changes over time.



We've entered only one contest in the history of our business and in it we won two awards from Interior Design Magazine for Outstanding Performance in Product Design. Thus having gotten contest entering out of our systems years ago, we now consider our many repeat and referral customers the most treasured awards we could ever earn.


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Since 1986 in Sparks, Nevada

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