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Of the many miracles, did Jesus save Marriages?

I asked the question concerning the many miracles of the Lord illustrated in the in the bible.
We read of miracles from the turning of water into blood to the raising of the dead yet no examples
of the Lord saving or healing a marriage.

The responses I got were numerous.

My favorite response was that Jesus saved a marriage while still in the womb.
He saved his parents marriage ...

I thank all of you who contributed to this discussion!

Please e-mail me to add your comments to this discussion.
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Tue, 4 Nov 2003

Read Hosea, especially 2:6, and 6:1, Deals with Marriage,

Tue, 4 Nov 2003

Because of Sarahs faith and willingness to obey Abram, God saved their marriage twice...once when Sara was changed of heart to obey her husband....becoming
Sarah....second when she went as his sister obediently risking herself..God saved them both and Abram learned faith enough to be Abraham.

Tue, 4 Nov 2003 08:59:50 -0800
what about Hosea's marriage? and His Own? for are we not the bride of Christ and He the Bridegroom? He saved us!!!!!

Actually, I suspect the reason that Jesus didn't "heal" a marriage, per se, is that "divorce" as we know it today, DID NOT EXIST in those times. Unless, of course, you want to count the one He healed before he was born...can you say JOSEPH and MARY?
However, if you recall the woman at the well....and the woman who was caught in adultery.....Those were relationship issues, were they not?
And, while it is an Old Testament book, Hosea speaks of such things... there are verses and verses and verses throughout scripture about marriage.
You said: "so now i ask my question. why are there examples of Jesus healing the sick (as could be done with medicine) and doing other miracles ( as could be done with "magic" as in Exodus ) yet there are no examples of Jesus healing a marriage?

For discussion purposes: is healing a marriage to big of a miracle?
ARE YOU SERIOUS? NOTHING IS TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL OR IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD! Even finding a set of lost car keys! Do you HONESTLY think that a God who spoke a world into existence could be stymied by something as trivial as a human marriage?

HONESTLY, it's a good thing I can't see you or I'm afraid I might SHAKE YOU! (just kidding...lol) God's promises are true...the only thing is...TO EVERY PROMISE IS ATTACHED A CONDITION. You can't expect God to fulfill his promise when you haven't fulfilled the requirement he's given with respect to that promise. Too many times people want a "short cut" path through difficulty...they want a "quick fix"...it doesn't happen with God...many pastors and teachers fail to tell you about the conditions when they tell you about the promises. How does that relate to how marriage was supposed to be an example of how Christ lead the church ... turn away and be crucified full well knowing that the love "endures all things"? Not sure what you mean about Christ turning away??????? "Endures all things"..."greater love hath no man than this...that a man lay down his life for a friend"...Christ laid down His life for ALL...friend AND enemy....

This one is easy. If you go through the Bible...CHRIST (the bridegroom) is FAITHFUL, even WHEN THE BRIDE IS NOT! as to being crucified....in marriage...the party of lesser guilt must be willing to BEAR ALL THE GUILT FOR MARITAL PROBLEMS....NO MATTER WHO IS AT FAULT...just as Christ bore the sins of the world on the cross. anyway, any research and response and discussion would full well make my journey and yours more fulfilling. ( come on you guys, dig! contact your pastors and priests, this is a good question).

Actually, I hate to burst your bubble...but it is really not a very challenging question...remember, that when the Bible was written, they had to be very careful to write about what they felt were the "HIGHLIGHTS" ''therefore, everything written is important .... looks to me like the healing of sick, casting out demons, and raising the dead, and the miracle feedings, and stilling the storm would be more "verifiable" and concrete than the nebulous area of "marital relationships"....It doesn't mean he didn't do it...just that the Gospel writers didn't tell it...also, because marriage is such a personal thing, it may be that they felt it was not material which should be written about. Just my thoughts.

I am new at this "bible stuff." I have had all of the same questions as you. How could He let this happen? I t is not right. It is not in the word, etc. I did not get true peace until I really let go. Then I struggled with how do I let go and still pray for restoration.
How do I do both? I asked the Lord to help me. It has not been easy but God has taken care of it. I have been told that God will not heal unless you are ready to "give it up". Any thing we hold onto too tightly. He won't be able or won't step in, even if it is biblical and rightfully ours.

Trust Him. There are no accidents in your life when you are a born again Christian. I give God praise and more praise. I lift Him up before my situation. I Let Him know that He comes first and that I can do anything He wants me to do. I beg Him to keep me filled with the Holy Spirit so I can hear Him and to let others see Jesus in me. If I have that, I have peace and victory. I hope you can hear Him speak to you. Follow His direction for your life and pray.

Father, I pray that you would be one with Bruce. Let him know your every thought and your will for his life. Give him wisdom and understanding. Let him hear your voice loud and clear through the power of the Holy Spirit. I ask you for his marriage to be healed and restored not just for his sake but for his daughter. Do not let her grow up in a divided home. Protect her from the legacy of divorce. Protect this marriage from the powers of darkness. I ask you this through the divine power of the shed blood, and in the name, Christ Jesus.

God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to behold. Your name is Bruce and my name is Bruce. Co-incidence ?

Philippians 2:13 NIV "For it is God who works in you to will and to act according to His good purpose."

Your questions:
1) "Why are there examples of Jesus healing the sick (as could be done with medicine) and doing miracles ( as could be done with "magic" as in Exodus ) yet there are no examples of Jesus healing a marriage?"
2) "Is healing a marriage too big of a miracle?"
3) "Does that relate to how marriage was supposed to be an example of how Christ lead the Church ... turn away and be crucified knowing full well that love endures all things?"

First of all, this is also much like your other question got answered. Marriage breakups were simply not supposed to happen any more than the Church was to get broken up into all the various sects and denominations leading to dis-unity through doctrinal differences instead of unity and togetherness (LOVE) in the Church. It was always supposed to be ONE GOD married to ONE CHURCH for ALL TIME. And, as you indicated, marriages were to be an example of the Church "BODY" being joined to that which is the "HEAD" which is Christ. INSEPARABLE for all eternity. Genesis 2:23,24 1Corinthians 11:3 Ephesians 1:9-11 Ephesians 4:15,16.

Obviously that did not happen (not yet) with either the Church or human marriages. Thank SATAN for that when he beguiled Eve in the Garden of Eden and started it all going in the wrong direction. But God is going to fix it all in His own exceptionally merciful and patient time and in His own way once He gets everything lined up the way it MUST be and Satan's time runs out and he is chained in the "PIT" Revelation 20:1-3. He promises that in His Word. Revelation 21:3-5. We're going back again to the way it first was in the Garden.

So, here is a passage that relates specifically to your EXACT wording in your questions. In the following, Jesus is healing all manner of diseases much to the "IRE" (jealousy) of the Pharisees, when they confront Him with the marriage breakup question.
Mat 19:1 When Jesus finished teaching, he left Galilee and went to the part of Judea that is east of the Jordan River. THROUGH TO: Mat 19:12

Some people are unable to marry because of birth defects or because of what someone has done to their bodies. Others stay single for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. Anyone who can accept this teaching should do so."
And really, the salvation of you and your household IS PROMISED in the Bible. Act 16:30 And took them out and said, Sirs, what have I to do to get salvation? Act 16:31 And they said, Have faith in the Lord Jesus, and you and your family will have salvation.
So, the KEY to ANY HEALING of ANY KIND is to have the pure and simple unwavering FAITH that God CAN and WILL do it simply because He SAYS He will. He is NOT A MAN that He could ever lie. But in turn, WE must have the PATIENCE to WAIT for it. God (because He is God) sees our situations from a very BROAD and profoundly DEEP perspective, since He DESIGNED and BUILT us in the first place. He quite often needs us to go through a learning process or a humbling experience to develop more patience, forgiveness, love, mercy, etc. in us. because these are HIS attributes. HIS HOLY CHARACTER which He desires all those who want to be a part of His BODY to have. The more you read the Bible and pray for wisdom and understanding, the more you will understand Him and DEVELOP His character.

Sometimes, He needs to steer us towards Him FIRST before He can heal our relationships. He needs us to consider getting married to HIM, who is our FIRST Love ( Rev 2:3-5). 1John 4:19 "We love because He first loved us."
READ: Mar 11:22- Mar 11:25
READ: Eph 4:12 -Eph 4:32
TO HE WHO ENDURED THE CROSS FOR THE JOY SET BEFORE HIM Hebrews 12:2-13 If we are to be like Him then we must carry our OWN CROSS !! It simply cannot be any other way. For the path is narrow and rocky that leads to heaven's gate (perfection) and everlasting life in such AWESOME LOVE that we've never known in this life. Matthew 7:14 HOPE THIS HELPS !!!
Your brother in Christ,

When we sin - we open portals to all kinds of emotional pain - some we've pigeon-holed and labeled in heavy law books and some we can only shrug at in wonder or disgust.
It's not as simple to close those portals as to open them. Separation, Divorce, Custody Battles are just a few of the "fall out" / results / fruit of breaking covenant with GOD. He is LOVE, therefore only HE can teach us how to LOVE.

Jesus does not speak of flying planes into buildings or sending anthrax by mail or blowing up ourselves or mailboxes ... HE nips it all in the bud with 1 Corinthians 13.
All who break HIS law of love or live in the midst of those who do WILL experience (pardon my French) crap.
GOD's principle is "Prevention is BETTER (LESS PAINFUL) than cure.
1 Corinthians 13: 4 - 7 (Living Bible version)

LOVE is patient and kind, never jealous or envious, never boastful or proud, never haughty or selfish or rude.

LOVE does not demand its own way.

_______ is not irritable or touchy.

_______ does not hold grudges and will hardly even notice when others do him wrong.

JESUS is never glad about injustice, but rejoices whenever truth wins out.

IF you love someone you will be loyal to that person no matter what the cost.
YOU will always believe in that person, and always stand your ground in defending that person.

Romans 13:14 Galatians 3:27 Ephesians 4:24 Colossians 3:12,14

LOVE is GOD is LOVE - Unless we BECOME like Him and diligently, relentlessly seek to encourage others to BECOME like HIM also - we ALL suffer emotionally, physically, spiritually, intellectually ...
Psalm 118:8,9 It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in princes.

I am a rookie also. This email of yours is an eye opener. I have noticed in a lot of churches that the only thing I hear about marriages that have problems is divorce. Pastors tell people that have marital strife to divorce rather than help the couple to come to the Lord and let Him help. In my church the pastor told me to let her have the divorce, as she had committed adultery & for me to find another woman & he would marry me no problem. In her church she was told that the church sanctified the divorce as there was abuse & that it was ok for her affair with another woman as we are only human.
I am beginning to think that our churches are becoming more of a place to hangout rather than hear the true word of the LORD.

Addressing the question of divorce:

Did not Christ equip us to maintain our marriages versus healing them? It was never God's intent that marriages require healing, rather He meant for them to remain intact and the union to deepen and strengthen. He intended marriage to be a PERMANENT union between a man and a woman. If a marriage union is strained, it is still not broken. Only when the divorce comes, is it separated, and even then not completely.
Matthew 19:4 And He answered and said to them, "Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning 'made them male and female,' 5 and said, 'For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh'? 6 So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate."
So if the married couple does divorce, is it not by choice? One definition of divorce is this: "A complete or radical severance of closely connected things." God does not intend for us to be severed from Him. He said He would neither leave us or forsake us. His love for the church IS the example of how marriage should be. His willingness to endure all things, no matter the cost, is the supreme example of marital love.
When Jesus healed the sick, the lame, the demon-possessed and the dead, He was healing those people of conditions that they could not control and did not choose. Divorce, on the other hand, is a choice made by one or both of the parties involved. Healing can only happen if these parties are willing to let it. Jesus will heal anything if people will let Him.
READ: Ephesians 5:22 THROUGH 32
The Word is full of instruction and guidance on how we should conduct ourselves in marriage and in life. With preventive maintenance, a marriage will not need "fixing". If a marriage does require healing and BOTH parties are willing to see it healed, the Jesus most definitely will heal it.
As for child custody, Solomon himself decided a child custody case in 1 Kings. The two harlots claimed a child, so Solomon said to cut it in half. One woman said fine, the other said she would rather give it up than see it killed. Solomon declared her the true mother and gave her the baby. The one willing to give up everything for the love of her child, is the one fit for custody. Just as God was willing to give up His only begotten Son for the benefit of His other children. He is most fit for custody...don't you think?
Love in Christ,

That's a good question, one I don't have an answer to either. But, my thoughts are this, maybe they didn't ask. Maybe they just accepted it and their laws (Jewish customs) were different than what we have today. But I have to go back to the scripture that tells us that NOTHING is impossible for God and without faith, we cannot please Him. If we all walked in COMPLETE obedience to Him, we wouldn't have to be asking Him for marriage healing or body healing or anything else. But, I am like you... I'm also still asking for it.
The Lord rebuked me for it one day. I was in "one of those fussing flesh moods" and railing on about how I needed Steve and where was he and how long, Lord, how long and I heard Him say....Am I not able to heal your marriage? Is My arm too short? So.....I stopped the belly aching and started thanking Him and praising Him for the healing that was taking place and would one day manifest itself. It will be in His time, not ours.
Being patient and waiting on God can be frustrating at times. But, you know, Bruce, that's the enemy trying to get us to take our eyes off of Jesus and look at what looks impossible to us (because it is). We can wait on Jesus or we can do things ourselves and mess everything up that HE has already done in the situation. He IS working, even tho we cannot see it.
We can't give up, we can't give in to the enemy. When we are close to a breakthrough, that's when the enemy will work the hardest on us. We have to keep the faith that God WILL restore what the enemy stole from us. Keep praying and if you can pray in tongues, do it. If you can't, ask God for that gift and keep asking until you get it.
Look for the book by Stormie OMartian...the Power of a Praying Husband. It is prayers to pray for your wife for every aspect there is in her life. Just don't give up, give God time to work. If He answered our prayers and they manifested right now, we would get to the point that we would just ask for things without doing what we are supposed to do for Him. It's His choice about the time and we have to learn to respect His time, however long it is.
Genesis 18:14 says Is anything too hard for the Lord? We know that nothing is, but we have to be reminded from time to time. Stay in the Word, because that's the way to find your answers and keep you strong in Him. Divorce was NOT His idea, but He permits it as it is a choice for us to make. Let Him be your wife for a while, let Him be first in everything you do. HE has been my husband for a couple of years now and each day it gets better. I'm not giving up on my marriage, but while we are waiting, He makes it worth it.
Love and prayers,

In the time that the Bible was written they did not have this type of problem. Women had no rights at all and if a man wanted to divorce her he could do so at any time and for no reason at all. I am sure that if the husband divorced the wife the children probably stayed with him. Children's positions were not of high standing at this time either. I can not say with 100% surety that the children would stay with father or go with the mother. Our lives are so far from what God intended us to live. We are a sinful nation and sinful world. We were born into this world and from the first gulp of air we took in this world was sinful. The only reason that Moses wrote up the rules for divorce was because God's people (men) wanted to divorce older women and old wives so that they could marry younger women and those of the other nations.
You can log onto www.lwf.org and this will connect you to Love Worth Finding. This is a Southern Baptist church in Memphis, TN and he will be able to give you far better information that I can.
I really don't know how to answer your question on healing a marriage, but I will tell you what I think. You see I just went through the same thing that you have gone through and I trusted God for a healing in my marriage and He has yet to put mine back together, although I believe He can if My ex-wife is willing. Now to try and answer your question as best that I can.
God gave each one of us a will, and even though one wants something and the other doesn't, God will never over step that person will. So I guess our wives do not want to be married anymore or they would hear God talking to them and they would come home where God wants them to be and where they should be.
There was only one perfect person and He died on the cross and rose on the third day and now He is on the throne and waiting for us to come home with Him. But keep the faith and keep believing and put all your trust in Him and He will see to it that He is the winner and you will come out of this just find.
My wife got her divorce and it still hurts me today and I would do anything for her to come home. My trust is still in God and He will always be the one I turn to in my time of need, I still trust that one day my beautiful wife will come home and we will have a beautiful marriage. This I will continue to pray for every day of my life. So you just keep your trust in God and He will see us through, Charles.

In biblical times, all the man had to do was say be gone to his wife, or I divorce thee and it was done. A wife could not divorce a man. My memory could be bad on this. I know what man, not you, that asked for prayer constantly for his marriage. This man was always right no matter what and a control freak. As long as he was like that, she would never get with him again. A lot of times it is looking at ones self.
When I went through a divorce years back, my oldest daughter responded to my knocking down my then divorced wife with a "shut up and look at your self". Good words.
How many times did God speak to your wife or you in His still quiet voice but no one heard. God does not take away free will. That is there.
What is your wifes mind set; I have no idea. Would not want to venture a guess in this area. I have been in prayer ministry for 13 years now, 10 on the net. I have seen many marriages made whole. I have seen many marriages not made whole. If one chooses sin and one chooses virtue, for example, the marriage is not equally yoked. The one choosing sin, cover in prayers of deliverance and salvation. If one verbally abuses or physically abuses the spouse, the marriage is not equally yoked; flee as fast as you can I say to the one abused. Stay and you end up dead on permanently deformed, crippled, etc.
There is a book called "Five and Ten" an excellent book on the patience and faith needed in prayer. This is a true story book and very enjoyable reading, a hard to put down book.
Scriptures on divorce:
Ways to prevent divorce - Ehpesians 5:24-25, 1 Yjrdds;pmosmd 5:11
Dealing with bitterness in divorce - Hebrews 12:15
Will God forgive you if you get divorced - Psalm 103.3, 1 John 1:9, Ephesians 3:18-19
How old is the concept of marriage - Genesis 2:24
What does the bible say about divorce - Malachi 2:14-16, Matthew 19:3-9

God bless
PS - I pray for people, I do not teach, etc. Am home sick today so have a little time on my hand. If this letter is not on par, forgive, as I am feeling very sick and have been through much the past 3 years. I met Jesus face to face in 1999 and that gets me through all the bad times. Both the old and new testaments till us there will be fires and storms, but look to God always and He will get you through them.

I will try to give you a little insight as in as much as I am able. I am sending you Romans to study for an answer. But I mainly Romans 8:28, but please read all of Romans 8.
Friend in Christ

Here is my 2 cents worth....I think that most of these things were covered in the 10 commandments...not coveting, etc.
Also, divorce, for any reason, other than adultery, was strictly forbidden. It just didn't happen...now there was the woman whom Jesus spoke to, and she had "several" husbands...and Jesus told her to go and sin no more...also, many marriages, in the day of the Lord, were arranged...it just was, and I think because they were "thrown" together, they learned to love each other.
I believe that marriages are healed, in this day, however sin is so rampant now adays, as far as sexual sin...living together out of wedlock...just having sex with whomever, just for pleasures sake...and easy to get divorces, for whatever reason...have placed us in a precarious position, as far as healing marriages, no one has to work on it any more...If you get bored with one partner, you can go on to the next....and as far as miracles go...I ask you one question...

Do you have faith as a grain of mustard seed? If we do, we can move mountains.

Bruce, in the affairs of men (both men and women) we have free will. That means we can choose to pursue God and His ways or rebel and follow our own path to destruction. The miracle is in God's pursuing Love for you, as evidenced by your change of heart. Women are emotional beings and it is very hard for them to give up hurt feelings in order to move closer to God. Jesus will never force us to respond to his love we must choose to pursue Him. If you look at the miracles in the bible closely you will see that every one wanted to be healed, thus choosing God's touch (the miracle). The issue here is when will your wife choose God above her feelings? Prayer is our major weapon in this. If you want to see change get two or three faithful brothers to join with you weekly to pray and fast for your wife until she pursues God completely and then you will see your miracle.
Your Brother in Christ,

A broken heart is a passport to Heaven........
A broken home is a symbol of a family not living in harmony with God's laws.......
Jesus said: "Ask and you shall receive. Ask anything of the Father in My Name and it shall be given you"
Some things take time ....... even broken friendships heal. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.........time will tell........
"Do whatever He tells you" said Mary of her Son, Jesus...that goes for us too.
All things are possible with God.
A thing neglected and uncared for is a thing which is lost But not forever if you pray and follow instructions of the heart. Sunday Services and group prayer help immensely.
A family that prays together stays together.

Here are my thoughts on the issue:
I think God made marriage because it is not good for a man to be alone...It is one of His Blessings just as gazing on a wondrous newborn baby, which by the way Drs. that do this tell me is the most awesome thing they have ever seen, watching air come into and the baby take it's first breath. They tell me only God can do that and they feel so very close to God when the baby takes it's first breath.Okay back to marriage. It is one of Gods greatest Blessings. Is much nicer than coming home to no-one and women tend to be help mates and do many things needed to keep her husband and a household going.
A wise man realizes and sees all she does and loves her for it. Also the thought this beautiful gift from God has chosen you to have the lifelong marriage with is enough to make most men feel very loved. They surely could have picked someone else. Some men have never known what it was like to be married (no-one would have them) and have another person love them and care. Unfortunately some barbaric men don't understand this gift, and insult and demoralize and every ugly thing to their wives. There were men like that in Biblical days and God saw it for that and because of their hardened hearts and found no good in their wives told them they may get divorced.
I think that was so a woman wouldn't have to suffer a lifetime with a man like that. Man leans toward legal domination and controlling and can even get to the point of barbaric. It's only upon having a Godly life that man can change and show his unselfish self and his wife always sees the best of him and rarely the worst. This is a man very slow to anger, never speaks an unkind word and his wife adores him..
God also says love your wives as I love my churches which is a real lot. If a man is right with God, God will come first in his life and his wife will be second only to God...That means she must be a joint heir to all Blessings and things that come from the marriage, in other words if she's their with you during all the rough times, she should as well be their during the greatest of times. Sadly some men strike it rich and the first thing they do is get rid of their wives and become self centered fools and then when they have nothing left go back to the woman who is hurt and disillusioned and can't believe what little worth she really was to her husband....have seen this several times.
Then their are some of the most beautiful and Godly men. Thomas Kinkade the famous Christian artist married when they were poor, his paintings have made him rich, every painting he has ever done has his wife's first initial in their somewhere. She is tickled and finds him wonderful. He's not the most handsome man and could have thrown his wife away and his money would have attracted allot of women, but he was wise and Christian and rather than fight or bicker he chose to only bring them up in the world and make her so glad in every way she picked him for a husband...His priorities are dead right on the money, his wife is everything and only 2nd to God and it shows, they both weigh good, the world has his beautiful paintings, God inspired and God has showered them with all His blessings....He listens to his wife also and that made a big difference, behind any good man is a wonderful woman....

Perhaps during those times marriage was treated differently. We know that society today treats marriage as they do a used car-it gets too old, broken or inconvenient they toss it!
I don't think that was the case then as it really wasn't in the days of my parents...husbands and wives stayed together...that's all, they really never considered another option. So perhaps Jesus didn't need to perform miracles in marriages the way he does today.....
He did perform one in mine. I don't know if you remember me or my testimony but my husband had filed for divorce and we were just 6 weeks from the final decree. He said the ONLY way he would drop the divorce was for God to speak to him and tell him it was wrong. Well today we are reconciled and he is back home...because God spoke to his heart.....PRAISE GOD. sooooooo miracles happen today because we need them in this throw-away society of ours regarding marriage. I believe there were probably quiet miracles done in relationships. Right choices being made , mistakes being corrected because they listened to God. Here's an example: Abraham and Sarah...when they couldn't have children and she gave her maid , Hagar. They had a son together, Ishmael. Then, when the Lord blessed Sarah even at her late age with a son she wanted Hagar cast out. Abraham obeyed Sarah's wishes even though he was also dismissing his first son , Ishmael.(This reminds me of the present....a man who might be involved in an affair and then must choose between his wife or mistress. In other words, to do "the right thing" and find the path of righteousness and obeying God's Will. I think that is how in those days God put marriages back together.
There was a miracle in Sarah bearing a child at her advanced age...but that in turn put the marriage back on the right path by making it the most important relationship after Abraham's relationship with God and removing the competing relationship.)
Just a thought.....

Actually if you read Poem of the Mangod series, which is a set of books that were dictated to the seeress Maria Valtorta by Jesus himself, that you will find examples of where He did heal marriages that were on the brink of disaster. However, the reasoning causing the problems were that they had no children and that was a justifiable reason in those times. There was even an example of an old couple who came to Jerusalem to give offerings because their daughter's husband wanted to repudiate her and all Jesus asked of them was to believe in the power of God. The divorce didn't take place.
The only downside to all of this is that every person has their own free will which God will not do violence to. If someone chooses to follow their hearts which are being led by satan, God will not override their will.
The plus side is that by praying for an individual that the prayers are pulling them back towards the side of God and then a miracle can take place. I am working with a woman right now who is following evil and the prayers that are being said for her cause her to erupt in anger. That may sound bad but in reality she is feeling the pull and satan doesn't want to lose his prey so that is why the outbursts.
Continue to pray for her and God will see the righteousness of your prayers and they will not be said in vain. Hopefully she will see the error of her ways and turn back to God and to you before it is too late.
I will continue praying for this miracle for you and you must put your faith and love in the Hands of God and something very positive will take place.
Love, ...

I'm sorry to tell you that the answer to your question is quite simple. You see, too many times, man gets in the way of God. It is His perfect will for a marriage to never break apart.
However, we are given a free will and if one or both want to break the marriage, it will happen. God is not the author of this, your wife is. If she does not abide in Him and wants nothing to do with you or Him, that, unfortunately is her decision.
God Bless you,
Bruce, a marriage cannot be 'healed' without an attitude change on the part of husband and or wife. I have never seen a marriage fall apart but that one or both of the parties decided to put self ahead of the interests of the other party. The ability to make self sacrifice is not natural to the carnal human nature but comes from an association with Jesus Christ. When both parties to the marriage are committed first to the Lord and then to each other they have a much stronger foundation to their marriage.
The best way to heal a marriage therefore is for both parties to seek first the Kingdom of God and put Him first in their lives. As this requires willful consent on the part of the individual to submit themselves to Christ, it is not possible for Christ to 'heal' a marriage like He might heal blindness. It is down to the choices of the individuals and He will never force the will... hope this helps...

Jesus Christ did affirm the value of marriage though we don't have any recorded messages on the subject. Jesus did affirm the importance of marriage simply in the fact that He chose a wedding feast to reveal His ability to perform miracles. Whenever Jesus healed any individual, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual, it impacted the family of that individual. Though Jesus didn't focus specifically on the marriage relationship, any teaching regarding our relationship with Him or with others directly impacted marriage and family.

As a husband, the first arena of human relationships that is impacted by my
love for and obedience to God is my relationship with my spouse and then my

I hope this may help you in your desire to understand truth. My prayer
is that the Holy Spirit will reveal this truth to you.

In His Service,

Two days back I got an email from one person saying, "So now I ask my question. Why are there examples of Jesus healing the sick (as could be done with medicine) and doing other miracles (as could be done with "magic" as in Exodus) yet there are no examples of Jesus healing a marriage?

For discussion purposes: is healing a marriage to big of a miracle? How does that relate to hoe marriage was supposed to be an example of how Christ lead the church ... turn away and be crucified full well knowing that the love "endures all things"?"
And I started thinking that is there any passage in Gospels where Jesus dealt with this subject? While praying, Holy Spirit reminded me few passages where Jesus clearly dealt with the problem of marriages. I am taking only one passage today.

In John 4th chapter we read that Jesus spoke with a Samaritan woman and after talking few moments when Jesus said to her that, He can give the living water to her. So the woman said to Him in John 4:15, "Sir, give me this water, that I may not thirst, nor come here to draw." And further we read their conversation in John 4:16-18 Jesus said to her, "Go, call your husband, and come here." The woman answered and said, "I have no husband." Jesus said to her, "You have well said, 'I have no husband,' "for you have had five husbands, and the one whom you now have is not your husband; in that you spoke truly."

Look at the life of Samaritan woman, does not it reflect the today's modern society? She was not a prostitute but she had five husbands. She might have divorced one after another and like wise married five husbands. And further Jesus says to her, "And the one whom you now have is not your husband; in that you spoke truly." It seems that 6th one was her new boyfriend with whom she was dating and living with him before marriage.

Is it not a picture of our modern society today? Young men and young women are dating and living with each other before their marriages and many walk away before their marriage takes place or they take divorce if they are married. If you look around, you will find many are like that only. Once a person wrote to me about his tragic life that really broke my heart. He said, "I and my girlfriend dated and started living together without getting married. And had kids. But now my girlfriend has a new boyfriend who frequently visits our home and it really bothers me. It is also not good for our kids." And the most amazing thing is our society has approved these types of atrocities. Once a pastor told us that, "It is the culture of America and we cannot do anything in it." Then he said, "If you think that wearing makeup is not sin then living with each other before marriage is also not sin." Our pastors, elders and even parents have bowed down before devil and no wonder the result is in front of us. Young people are living a messed up life like scrambled eggs. They have no idea where to turn, what to do.

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