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Of the many Miracles, did Jesus save Marriages?

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Ephesians 6:10-18. Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints ...


JULY 10, 2007

my husband has left us and I am devustated.  I truely love him and feel he is lost to depression and evil influence.  I pray that he will come home, I keep kind thoughts and love in my heart for him.  He left us penniless and that doesn't seem to matter ( homeless soon)  I keep hope and carry patience and pray God will deliver us and restore our home.  Please say a prayer for my husband and children. 


October 28, 2007

Please pastor pray for me and agree with me in prayer of Faith to our Heavenly Father GOD according to Matthews18:19 and Amos9:11 for the restoration and healing of my marriage with my wife KARINA in the blessed name of our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST the name above all the names and the anointed one and may Father GOD richly and always bless you,your family and your ministries for your prayers in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST who lives and reigns forever with the Father.amen and amen                                                                  philippe z. nkiere

JULY 11, 2007

Good morning

My name s cordelia and I live in South africa. Please pray with me. My husband Damion has been having an affair for the last 8 months. The woman Annie was in a marriage and has divorced her husband now to be with damion. She has 2 children. We Know each other for 10 years now and married fro 2 years.

I'm really standing onGods word to restore our marriage. I believe in the vows we made to God and to each other. So many pastors h ave said that witchcraft was used. I know its Damion's will as well, but I don’t think he is the same person when he spaeks or sees me. he can not stand to be with me and I did nothing to be traeted that way. I constantly lies to me. Telling me he wants to be alone and think about how his life is in the gutter. But he goes back to live with  tis woman.I am praying and my faith is in Jesus but phyically I cannot manage. Its on my mind all the time. I'm talking to the Lord ALL the time throught the day and night. Praying for Damiona and for the soul tie with this lady to be broken. I have forgiven them both. I need god to move his hand now. I have benn prayiing and fasting with so many people. Including his family. I feel exhausted. Something so wrong and sinful can't go on for so long. They keep on hurting other people. Damion is like a brick wall. PLEASE please pray and ask the holy spiirt to convict him NOW. I don’t know what I am doing wrong.



December 26, 2007

My husband and I are currently in divorce proceedings we have a trial date of March 24, 2008. I no longer want a divorce I want to restore, rebuild and heal our family. I have been praying and can see some signs of change already, however, I want to find scripture that I can also read and find strength in for both of us. I do not know if he is open to reconciliation. He is and has been involved in another relationship for a year now. Although many say I should accept the divorce and move on, I find hope in the fact that we are still married.
Please help me save my marriage

Lucretia N. Brown

JULY 12, 2007

I would like to ask for prayer for a former girlfriend named Flora. She loves the Lord more than anyone I have ever known but, living in the Muslim culture of Indonesia (she is a Christian), she has found herself engaged to a man who refuses to enter a church with her, gets mad when she talks about the gospel, has a bad temper, is insanely jealous, has admitted committing adultery in the past, and is a control freak. All this she has told me in confidence, but she loves him and believes she can change him. She even misquotes Corinthians about the unbelieving husband being santified by the believing wife.

Being in Indonesia she has few Christian friends and as she knows I love her she may doubt my sincerity in telling her to break off the engagement. I honestly wish her to marry Christian man, even if it is not me, and fear that she will not back out. She has already tried twice to back out, but each time he has said how he can't live without her, etc. Of course he tries fighting with her before trying to the "I love you" routine. Yes, I am biased, but I know unbelieving marriages are not happy marriages. She still shares everything with me, but calls him her soulmate.

I honestly pray that she will be freed from an unbiblical marriage whether he comes to the Lord before the marriage (he is hostile to the gospel right now) or by marrying someone else (even if it is not me) who is a believer. The pressures from her culture and family make it much harder for her to leave and she appears to love him, believing that she can change him.

Please pray for her. The engagement is a year so there is time, but it will become much harder the longer that passes. Please pray for both of us.


June 28, 2008

I would like prayer that my husband Wade would come back home. I admit after being married flor 8 years it wasn't until he left me that I realized that I took my husbands love for granted. Its no wonder he left me but for the past year of years and begging I realized that I need prayer for my husband tol come back and number 2 that I would be the wife that Hod would have me to be. Your prayers would be much appreciated.

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August 14 , 2007

Hello There,

Please pray for me and my wife (amanda). We have 6 children. She filed for
divorce after we had a heated argument March 2007. The divorce hearing
begins 17 September 2007. We are both Christians. Every effort has been made
by few to encourage her to stop the process but she refused. Please Pray.

West Virginia

July 3, 2008

I am currently separated from my husband & he has developed a close relationship with another femaild.  Now he is torn between myself & her.  I want to save my marriage...........................please help and pray for us!!!!!

August 24 , 2007

Each of you were kind enought to reply to my prayer request, so this is an update. For those of you who do not remember, Flora is a Christian girl living in a Muslim country who became engaged to a man hostile to the gospel. He was forbidding her from starting a ministry, going to Bible college, and much else.

Today Flora called me and said she could not continue with him. Despite her cultural taboos (forbidding the woman from breaking the engagement) she said she is calling it off. However, PLEASE pray for her because she has tried to break it off FOUR TIMES before only to get back together with him under pressure from family, culture, etc.

Please pray that she will stay free of him, that he will let her go, and that she will start her ministry and go to Bible college as she wants.

Thank all of you for your prayers, and please don't forget to pray again. I still fear it may not be over, so I will trust in your prayers and in God's will.

In Christ;

July 6, 2008

God Please help me as I know she was hurt in the past, I know I hurt her and damaged the trust between us. If i have intentionally or unintentionally sinned please forgive me and help me not to repeat such mistakes again. you know what i am .please show her the truth, that you have changed me. lord Please heal and restore our marriage.

Dear all, Please pray for me and my wife.
she has been gone since april to her parents house due to some misunderstanding that i dont love her & dont care for her and still doesn't want to come home , i ask you to pray with me to help her change her mind. GOD says what ever he puts together let no man take a part. So i ask you to pray with me to help my wife to remember this , she is my world and i miss her
I love my wife and want to give the best of life and all the happiness which she deserves. please help me in my prayers to get her back home. i promise and will try my best to keep her happy always
thank you one and all

September 9 , 2007

Once again I am writing you an update on my prayer request for Flora. Two weeks ago Flora again tried to break up with her oppressive fiance who is hostile to the gospel. Being from a Muslim cutlure she still believes that only a man can break up as I feared, she is back with him again. I believe that he will not break up with her because he is looking for a trophy wife and a way out of the coal mines (where he works). It has been four months since the engagement and she is on the verge of a mental breakdown. The wedding is still at least 6 months off, so please continue your prayers in this matter. He is cutting her off from all her Christian friends. I appreciate any continued prayer on this in the months to come. Pray that she will leave him without seeking his consent, and that she will go to Bible school as she had hoped and start her ministry. Pray for me as well.

Feb. 17, 2009

I am so happy to have found your website- thank you for putting all that together!!!
I hope & pray that God will bring someone into my wifes life to turn her in the right direction toward the truth. We are in the middle of all the divorce proceedings & she is very hard hearted. There is a long story to it all, but in a nutshell, I was going down a very wrong path in my life & she left. God has worked a miracle in my life & turned me around completely, the things of the past are gone & I will be living for Him for the rest of my life, regardless of whether or not she comes back... I know that it is God's perfect will that our marriage & our family (2 kiddos) be restored. I will wait on God for His timing & His plan, altho it is agonizing at times. I pray everyday that God will do what it takes in her life to speak to her heart & turn her life & love back to Him & back to our family. It is beyond anything that I can say or do. We need the Lord's devine intervention & a miracle in her life & in our marriage. Please pray for us!  Thank you & continue to spread the truth in God's word!


Wednesday August1, 2007
Time 6:25pm

To any Brother & Sister-in Christ,

My name is Jerome Pierce 53 year old born-again Christian for 20 years now this is a special prayer request It’s been 3 & half years I’d have been separated from my wife Linda of now 32 years of marriage since 1975.I’d went to Redondo beach in Los Angeles CA Today this morning. I’d talk to GOD my Father in heaven in my spirit ,mind & soul  to tell him that I’d would like for Linda my wife who lives back in Georgia now where I’d was born & live most of my life there in GA. To reunited us by our wedding anniversary this August 19, 2007 in about 3 weeks from now to live permanently here in Los Angeles CA. where I’d lives now. Linda say she want to come but since I’m in a homeless Veteran shelter & her job in Georgia in Marietta, Cobb County city Government employment supervisor say to her they will not give her 401k money she has been at there for about 10 years NOW, She has to wait till she retired from that job  so I’m asking for your prayers that before or by August 19 coming our wedding anniversary of 32 years that GOD will bless us that we will be as GOD word say together as Husband & wife .So we can live a marriage that GOD want us to live on this earth.
Brother in Christ Jerome
PS also pray for Sandra Grove AT my truck school here in California Camino real trucking school she did not pass her road test the other day & she has 1 more chance or they will recycled her & she would have to start over again all over again please pray that GOD give her favor & give her the skills & talent to pass the DMV test here thanks for this prayer as well bro Jerome


Wednesday April 5, 2009
Time 1:38 pm


My husband and I is currently separated. The problem started when he cheated me. He got involved with two different women and got them both pregnant. On the same year (2006) he got two children. As natural reaction, I got so furious, condemed him, said bad words and cursed them. Tried to push him out of our house but get him back later. But when he finished contract from his work here in Saudi Arabia, he left me. He went back to the Philippines and started living with the first woman he has a baby boy. Since then, he completely ignored me and not communicating with me anymore.

I want him back, I him to go back to God. As it is written, no man put asander in marriage. I want God to resurrect our dead marriage. Can you please pray for me and advise me what to do to get my husband back?

Nothing is impossible with the Lord - He resurrected Lazaros from the dead and I trust and have faith He can resurrect my broken marriage too.

Thank you for your prayers.

April 12, 2011

Me and my wife got hurt in church. shortly after we got out of church completely. we backslid. started having troubles with our oldest son, which caused a lot of extra stress. Not long after my buddy's father died my wife told me she needed space and we got separated. Since then i have rededicated my life back to God and i know she goes to church sometimes, but i don't feel like we are making any progress. Please pray for our reconciliation so i can be the husband and father God meant me to be.
thanks martin

November 17, 2011

Good Day,

I have read your marriage testimony on the internet. Please would you
pray for me.

My husband and I are married for 19 years for the past 5 years he is
in an adulterous relationship with my late brother's wife. We have a
miracle son who is 8 years old. He is unemployed and lives in the
same home with us, I do all that has to be done. When he does odd
jobs he does not buy any grocery of do anything at home. I have had a
blessed and hppy marriage until I found out about his cheating. It
broke my heart. He was a devout christian, a bible college student
and he went wayward. I cannot see the person I fell in love with in
him anymore. We have had pastors pray for us. He says he wants a
divorce, I believe in an All Powerful God who doe nt ordain Divorce.
My mum was divorced and my sister is divorced, I do not want to follow

Please Pray for my Miracle.

God Bless

July 20, 2011

I need God's help in my broken marriage. My wife and I have been living apart for nearly 4 years without any reconcillation from her. She says she cant trust me nor be in a physical relationship with me. She has wanted a divorce but has yet to file. I cant live like this. i want to give up. I see no hope. asking God for a second chance at marriage.

May 3, 2011


Please pray for my marriage to be restored I am separated from my husband for almost seven months.He does not want us to go for help and wants me to leave.
Please pray as by September is the time he gave me (to pay off my debt)and leave.He wants a divorce and he was a preacher before we got married now he wants nothing to do with church. Please pray for me I am desperate and so unhappy.
God Bless

October 12, 2009

My wife Sarah left me in Miami in march, went back to Kansas City, and wants to divorce me. Because of the pregnancy the divorce is postponed till december after our son is born. She wants to fight me in court for custody if I don't go along with adoption. The devil is the real enemy in all of this and the devil is a liar. Pray every last demon will be broken off of Sarah by the BLOOD OF JESUS! Pray that Gino, this guy she is talking to online and on the phone, will be blocked, the relationship brought to nothing and that the Holy Spirit will convict him & her.

Pray God will save her, melt her heart and open her eyes through the Holy Spirit in JESUS NAME! Pray that the Holy Spirit will convict her, speak TRUTH & fill her with HOLY GHOST FIRE in her room tonight while she sleeps! PRAY for a MIRACLE and that we will be reunited as husband and wife soon in JESUS NAME!!!

God bless you mightely for continued prayers on my behalf,






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