Love Is A Choice

John 15:11-13

These things I have spoken to you, that My joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be full. This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends.

Why does the Bible instruct us to love one another over and over again? Because God knows, we are the only one who can make the "choice" to Love, everday of our lives!

We remember well the days of thinking that love was a "feeling"! Its just something that happens to you! That "feeling" you get, is because someone has CHOSEN to love you!

There is nothing magical about love. All the romance books and movies lead us all to believe that love is this special thing that only the "lucky" seem to have. Wrong...everybody is entitled to love.

The day we married our Pastor said "Each and every day you must wake up and choose to be married". Getting married does not mean everything will now take care of itself, because after all, we are now married. However, it is not so much work that it is a burden either. When we choose to love our mates we are choosing to accept this person as another one of God's children, and the mate with which to spend our lifetime with.

Choosing to love means:

I choose to Love my husband/wife

I choose to be patient with my mate

I choose to be kind to my mate

I choose to please my mate

I choose to forgive my mate

I choose to honor my mate

I choose to trust my mate

I choose to be understanding to my mate

I choose to grow with my mate

I choose to encourage my mate

I choose to help my mate

I choose to be truthful to my mate

I choose to be faithful to my mate

I choose to be unselfish with my mate

I choose to be hopeful with my mate

I choose to speak in love to my mate

I choose to be my spouse's mate the rest of my life!

What "Choice" have you made today?

Even if you are troubled in your marriage or your partner is not responding as you would like, we must still make the choice first in ourselves. Do not let your heart become hardend. Ask God for the strength for you to choose to "love" today. Expecting nothing in return, open your heart to the gift of Love.


A Marriage Prayer

Thank you Lord for the love you have given us. We thank you for giving us the power to make the choice to love. Help us dear Lord to see every day as a new beginning. We ask for your guidance in all the choices we make today. Let us treat each other as you would treat us. We Thank you for this marriage you have given to us, let us be ever mindful of the gift our marriage is from above. In Jesus name we pray,



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