Inspiration For Mom

Dedicated to all the Mom's, without whom, we would not be today!

Mother's carry a very heavy burden. She is very influential in the lives of her children. Her impression on them will last a lifetime! Somedays, the days are so long and hectic we wonder if we can fulfill this Godly role our Heavenly Father has bestowed upon us!

Somedays, the joy of motherhood is so great, the tears well up all day! Abraham Lincoln wrote "No one is poor who had a Godly mother." The shoes are big, but when we look to our Heavenly Father he will provide the answers, comfort, guidance and strength to raise our children to be the best theycan be.


The following is a tribute to "all" Mothers!

M is for the "Many" roles of a mother....

A parent, the childbearer; giving birth to new life, nurse to this new life naturely, physically and spiritually, a spouse; the companion to man, a teacher, a counselor.......

O is for always doing for "Others"....

Many many times a mother is always doing for others before herself, for her husband, the children, the family, the church, the neighbors children and their families.......

T is for the many "Things" a mother does....

She is a homemaker; always willing to give advice, a disciplinarian, a comforter, caring for the sick, mediates the arguments, provides the first teaching to her children, and the one you turn to, when you need someone to gently wipe away your tears!.......

H is for the "Heart" of Mother....

The "heart" that shores a lot of love. Mother's "heart" is so big, it has room to love everyone! When no one else cares, you know "Mother" will!.......

E is for-"Ever" busy....

For-"ever" fulfilling her God given responsibility with little time to rest, and for-"ever" praying for her family.......

R is for being "Ready"....

Mother is always "ready" for anything, all the while praying for the best. She is always "ready" and willing to give of herself in any situation to make a happy home for her family!.......

God Bless the Mother's, for all the things you do, for all the things you are, and for all the things you are still to be. Thank you for your unselfish love, for your gentleness, for your understanding, and your wisdom that shapes us into the people we are today!


"Excerpt from a Mom's Journal"

Today, while working at my computer, I happened to look down at my keyboard and noticed all the playdough encrusted through the keys. When did that happen? I thought!! It was not too many years ago I thought being a "Mother" HAS to be easier than working; the meetings, deadlines, 10-12 hour days, dealing with employees, rushing every morning, fighting traffic and such!

Little did I know what a powerful job our Lord has given to us. Well I'm a mother now, my career behind me for now, I got the "easier" job, so I thought. When your a "Mother", 10 hour days turn into 24 hours, no lunch breaks, no sickdays, no weekends off, sometimes no vacations at all! There are days when I look around the house and it seems nothing is in order, I long for my business suits, the traffic, the memos, the deadlines, my lunch hour, and the occasional "pat on the back". Just at that moment my son looks at me and asks "what is that music mommy on the computer?" I reply: "that is a song about Jesus", he then says excitedly, "you mean MY JESUS!!", Yes I replied, Your Jesus! It is then I know I am exactly where I am to be! Thank you dear Lord!


"A Mother's Prayer"

Dear Heavenly Father, Father of all wisdom and power, thank you for the wonderful blessing of my family you have given to me. You know my heart Lord, you know the trials I must face to be a good mother. You know how tired and weary I become somedays when the day is over.

Help me to be a good parent Lord, to teach my children the right way with love, and kindness.

Help me show my children how to have a loving family in Your care.

Guide me lord to walk in Your spirit, so they will know the example of Your will. And hold my family, dear Lord, with Your loving arms and watch and protect them each and every day.

These prayers I ask in Your loving Son's name, Jesus.



Proverbs 31:25-28
Excerpt from A Virtuous Wife & Mother

Strength and honor are her clothing;

She shall rejoice in time to come.

She opens her mouth with wisdom,

And on her tongue is the law of kindness.

She watches over the ways of her household,

And does not eat the bread of idleness.

Her children rise up and call her blessed;

Her husband also and he praises her:


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