The Incredible Worth of a Woman

I. The key ingredients to build and tear down relationships:

A. Dishonor wife: Means treating her as somebody not of value. Not reassuring her. This is violating a Biblical principle.

1. Honor: Means to attach high value to someone or something.

2. Old Testament says if husbands treat their wives in a dishonoring way they can pray to God and He doesn't even hear them.

3. Prayer life will be frustrated.

4. Give her honor so your prayers won't be hindered.

5. 1 Peter 3:7 says woman is the weaker vessel.

a.Weaker vessel: means more sensitive and extremely alert.

II. Honor is the greatest thing in all relationships.

1. Honor God.

2. Honor Creation

3. This is the first command in all the Bible with a promise.
a. Honor Mom and Dad & things will go well with you and your life on this earth isn't shortened.

4. People who never learn to value Mom and Dad have a more miserable life and in many cases life is cut short because of the increase of stress.

5. Your self-esteem is tied up in how much you honor Mom & Dad.

6. Only two major instructions for wives toward their mates -- both of them are tied in to honor.
a. 1 Peter 3:1-6
i. If you want to motivate your husband, let him see your genuine reverence of him. This is Man's deepest need.
ii. Honor your husband.

7. Men and women, make a decision to honor each other. Be willing to make a change.

8. If you don't like your mate, friend, work or yourself, and you start honoring by making a decision to raise the value of that person in your mind and soon your feelings will change toward that person



A. Raise their value in your own heart.

1. Men - you don't go by feelings to honor someone.
a. Feelings catch up with your decision.

2. Jesus said "Whatever a man or woman treasures or value that's where their feelings will be.

3. Ask your wife to forgive you for dishonoring her.

4. Now your relationship has started uphill.

B. The average woman, when she feels first place in a man's heart, responds with such gratefulness when she is treasured and she is so alert that she begins to notice what really makes a man encouraged.

1. God is first

2. Your wife is second

3. and then the kids.

4. Then she knows she is extremely important.

C. To the married or single person read in: Romans 12:9 Prefer one another in honor (decision)

1. Honor them (comes before love)

2. Love them.



A. Men: Facts -- Logical

Women: Intuition -- feelings, goals and dreams

B. Men: Enjoy solutions (lecturing)

Women: Give sympathy

C. Men: Objective thinking dreams and stories

Women: Personal thinking-- dreams and stories are relational and detailed.

D. Men: Are separate. It's easy for them to be distant with their wife.

Women: Become a part of their environment. Easy for a woman to have closeness Children are an extension of the woman

Close friends. If your man was raised with a mother or father who did not enjoy him, you've got a person who is going to have a hard time becoming close to you-- that's why you are struggling.

E. Woman is man's completer:

1.Genesis 2:18

F. Completer means:

1. She gives you something you can't do on your own

a. She gives man the awareness of relationships

b. Women help men to remember that relationship is communication

G. Relationship is touching

H. Relationship is sharing

I. Relationship is the most important thing on this earth.

J. Woman is to help remind man that relationship is love.

K. The average woman wants a deep relationship -- not things.

L. Your wife has a built-in marriage manual

M. Man needs to realize that his wife comes equipped with two tremendous inner strengths:

1. She has a strong desire for a good and healthy relationship; and

2. She has the natural ability to recognize a great relationship.

3. These two qualities are the basis for three important questions that a man can use to pull out of a woman her built-in relationship manual.

N. Watch how you can do this:

O. Guys, you'll live longer and be healthier,

P. Your wife is doing you a great service by encouraging you to develop your relationship with her and the kids.


Q. Quiz Time

1. Question #1: On a scale from one to ten, with zero being terrible and ten being a great marriage, where would you like your relationship to be?

a. Almost every woman answers that they would like to be around nine or ten.

2. Question #2: On a scale from one to ten, where is your relationship today?

a. A man will rate the relationship two or three points higher than his wife.

3. Question #3: What would it take to move our relationship from where it is to a seven, eight, nine or ten?

R. Men: You can learn from your own wife.

S . Men: Build a relationship -- not a company.

Rev. 22:16 I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and off spring of David, and the bright and morning-star.

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