Can you say jammin?

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Ben Wilborn on fiddle, guitar and lead vocals
Ben Wilborn:
Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin, Lead Vocals

Ben Wilborn busting mandolin stings
Ben Jams so hard he'll bust strings.
I've seen him re-string on stage more than one
time.  That includes his fiddle,
his guitar, and his mandolin.

Ben Wilborn, song writer
Yes they do a few ballads

Ben Wilborn, Guitar and Joey McKinney, Bass
It's about good times, good music and having fun!
You can see it in their faces

Derek Smith, drums
Derek Smith: Drums

Mike Tilton, Lead Guitar
Mike Tilton: Guitar, Vocals

Bluegrass with positive roots
Always positive.
These guys are great!

I'm telling ya, this is a really fun band.
Not only is the music wonderfull but the lyrics, the lyrics ...
What can I say?
I'm not a writer.
I'd include some lyrics here but
I don't want to violate any copywrights.
Check these guys out!
Not only am I a fan but I gotta be a groupie!

This page is just a start on the Lazy Eights.
I really haven't gone after them photographically speaking.
Besides, they haven't been around as much.
I think they are playing out of town more often.
So if you get a chance to see them you better do it!

PS: Guys, if you see this page, I'll get better photos of  Joey next time.
THANX for letting me shoot you.  I could do it all the time!





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