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Portraits of Kids:


    Although it can be very rewarding to get a great photograph of a child, shooting portraits of children takes lots of time, practice, and patience.  It is a true challenge to get that certain "look."  The look that makes you laugh or the look that stirs your memories or emotions.
    There are many different styles and techniques that can be applied to a portrait sitting of a child.  The concept for the portrait begins with your final expectations.  In other words, do you want a formal or informal look. Or, do you want a candid look for the photograph verses a studio look.
    For children I've found that a candid look is always best weather in the studio or in the back yard in a pile of leaves.  Try to catch them in the act.  Put them into a situation that they enjoy doing.  Keep them engaged and work fast.

    This is a new page and I plan on adding newer and better portraits as time goes on.  Some of these kids and their parents have aspirations of getting the kids into professional modeling.  The best way to get anybody into a part time or full time modeling career is to get some photos taken and begin submitting them to agencies.


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Makenzie Baby

Makenzie 3-4 years old



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