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$1500 unlimited one day Wedding Shoot!
Two Photographers with over 30 years of combined Portrait and Wedding experience.
Also offering a personal Make up Artist that will cater to your personal needs the whole day.
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Wedding Photographer, Lake Tahoe, Reno, Nevada, Carson City
Located in the Reno, Lake Tahoe, and Carson City, area 

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About Myself:

Political Fund Raising Photographer
Me with President Ford
Celeberty Photographer
Me with Mr. Speedy Delivery

As a Photographer, I aspire to express art through experimentation and the release of criticism, as criticism itself is imperfect and an opinion of the moment. Perfecting the moment is a constant conquest. However, perfection often lies within the moment itself. Photography captures moments that can never be caught again!

Though, I have a BA in Social Psychology with a minor in Journalism and an MBA in Marketing and Strategic Management, my passion thrives in celebrating the space between darkness and light through photography. I strive to capture the essences of being, wherever that might be.

I’ve been manipulating the differences between light and shadow for over 25 year now. I’ve learned to create the three-dimensional illusion through trial and error as well as through technical training. Film, filters, focus, and focal length all come into play. Yet, I’ve found that technique and training must sometimes be thrown over the balcony in order to be free to approach every situation in its own unique light. Innocence, adaptability, and problem solving are the roots to remaining unencumbered to the status quo.

The study of photography has led me to recognize the various sizes, shapes, and textures of light in our world. Light illuminates complexity as well as chaos, yet elegant simplicity is often found right where the two merge. Light is the main source for energizing my soul and sculpting my images. However, I am not in the business of photography. I am in the “Wow!” business.

Working with both professional and amateur models is very enjoyable. People, fashion, and portrait photography are among my favorite areas of study. It's about telling a story. Subjects I shoot often get nervous and shy. They say, “I’m not very photogenic. I take bad pictures.” I tell them that the camera loves them and to leave the picture taking to me. Nothing is more satisfying than providing images of kids, parents, grandparents, products, and art alike to clients then watching their grins grow and say, “Wow!”

I live for doing all kinds of photography including abstract art, commercial art, portraiture, journalism, and landscapes. Commercial photography is very exciting it utilizes the left brain part of myself.

I've shot thousands of products and revel in shooting food and beauty. They are expressions of art unto themselves, which accompany and sustain all of my other passions for life. Getting paid for my work is only the added bonus. I can take my pictures and eat it too!


Jr. High: Yearbook staff, photographer, 4-H, Local, State, and National awards and recognition
High School: Vocational, Local, State, and National awards and recognition including Nevada Magazine's traveling exhibit.

College: Local, State, and National awards and recognition. Studied Photography as an Art Form and Photojournalism. Minored in Journalism including Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations. Presented a Photographic exhibit in the Alumni Art Gallery at WNCC.

Professional: News, Sports, and Editorial Photographer for The Sagebrush, Nevada Appeal, and The Sparks Tribune. Worked with James Legoy, Alberto Rizzo, Peter Goin, Susan Bolus, Ross Photo, and several other professional organizations including major advertising companies and Art Directors. In business since 1992. Published thousands of photos including art, editorial, sports, documentary, and advertising photography. Works published in newspapers, local and international magazines, marketing-advertising pieces, on the Web and on billboards.

Which again is all great, however, I still love what I do and could not imagine life without my passion, Photography!

If you are interested in working with me I would be happy to make a resume available to you. I invite you to browse through samples of my work.

Bruce Mc Daniel
775 - 657 - 1527

  Desmond Morris, the Zoologist, once did an experiment that exposed an ape to the "profit motive." 
     He first of all got it to draw and paint, and found that it was doing lovely things.  Then he started rewarding the ape with peanuts for its work.
    "Soon it was doing any old scrawl to get the peanuts, " Morris said wryly.  "I had introduced commercialism into the ape's world, and ruined him as an artist."
    --Thomas Wiseman, The Money Motive (Random House)


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I distribute stock images.
So, if you'd  like something for your own use please feel free to contact me.

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